7 DAYS Animal Face Sheet Mask


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Animal fabric face mask HAPPY SEA CALF

Nourishes Skin / Refreshes / Elasticity
Things seals love: Freshness. Algae extract makes your skin feel fresh, filling it up with healthy nutrients to increase tone and elasticity. Energy. Iceland moss removes signs of fatigue, making your skin look fresh and healthy for as long as possible. Water. The light, refreshing formula of shea and wheat germ oils perfectly moisturizing and nourishing your skin

Animal face sheet mask PRETTY KITTY

Sooths / Boosts elasticity / Softens
This mask’s got everything a kitten has. Softness: raspberry juice makes your skin soft and smooth, giving it a velvety sheen that’s pleasant to touch. Lavender has a soothing effect and excellent restorative properties. Energy: It’s vitamin formula has a deep regenerating effect that helps your skin look it’s healthiest

Animal fabric face mask SWEET PANDA

Reduces signs of fatigue / Moisturizes and Nourishes / Skin glow
A list of a panda’s favorite things: Cleanliness: bamboo extract stimulates cleansing and detoxifying processes in the epidermis while improving skin tone and elasticity. Care: the vitamin complex with Vitamins A, B, C and E has a deep regenerating effect that gives your skin the attentive care it needs. Kindness: soybean oil imparts softness and smoothness and makes your skin feel light and airy while making it shine from the inside out

Animal fabric face mask WILD TIGER

Boosts vitality / Moisturizes / Nourishes
Like a wild tiger, this mask has: Strength. Taiga berry extract has powerful properties that tone the skin and give it energy. Endurance: verbena effectively removes signs of fatigue and helps your skin look fresh and healthy for as long as possible. Speed: Thanks to its unique formula, the mask is fast-acting and effective. You’ll see real results in just 20 minutes
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