7 DAYS Candy shop Face Sheet Masks


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Blue face Sheet Mask Macarons
Skin Tone / Moisturize / Protection
Blueberry extract is an antioxidant that accelerates regenerative processes within your skin cells. It also has unique cleansing and soothing features. The airy texture is just like the cloud of almond delight you find in the most delicious French macaron, covered in a mouth-watering bilberry jam mask lotion which aroma will cheer you up on the gloomiest of days! The only difference is that this beauty-dessert is actually healthy for your skin and won’t do a lick of harm to your figure

Pink face sheet mask ICE CREAM

Moisturizing / Nutrition
Mask have powerful softening and moisturizing properties so they can soothe the skin while protecting it. The essence of this mask is a delicious berry mousse garnishing a creamy Italian gelato for a refreshing strawberry flavor. What makes this mask such a delight is the luxurious indulgence of putting it on


Yellow face sheet mask CUPCAKE

Skin firming / Moisturizing / Toning
Wheat germ oil deeply moisturizes the skin, improves elasticity, softens and tones and also provides skin with powerful protection against negative environmental effects. Like decadent creamy frosting on a moist sponge cake, this milky mask will turn your face into a soft, buttery confection! The warm aroma of vanilla and sweet scent of banana transform your bedroom into a fantasy land of indulgence where a lady never has to deny herself a delicious cosmetic sweet. There’s nothing like treating yourself and your skin!

Method of application

Weight 0.025 kg

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Remove makeup and cleanse your face, apply mask to face for 15 minutes, remove mask and rinse with water


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