7 DAYS Hydrogel Eye Patches


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Hydrogel eye patches after a long working day – Dynamic Monday

Detox / Lighten
Monday is the day when office zombies rage with special force! Do not replenish their ranks. Defend yourself! Use hydrogel eye patches DYNAMIC MONDAY. Believe us, it is a proven beauty-weapon based on natural ingredients! Kaolin promotes tissue regeneration and removes toxins, Rice extract whitens and smoothes the tone, mattifies, moisturizes the delicate skin around the eyes and fights the first signs of aging


Hydrogel eye patches against low spirits – Cheerful Tuesday

Hydration / Regeneration
Shoot your eyes and fight on the spot! After all today is Tuesday, which means it’s time to use hydrogel patches for the eyes CHEERFUL TUESDAY. Believe me, this is a proven “beauty weapon” based on natural ingredients! Collagen accelerates cell regeneration, moisturizes and refreshes and Banana extract nourishes, smoothes and soothes the delicate skin around the eyes


Hydrogel eye patches while watching a series – Easy Wednesday

Recovery / Skin energy charge
Even if you cried for an hour under your favorite melodrama, your eyes deserve the Oscar and the appearance on the red carpet! After all today is Wednesday and you use hydrogel patches for the eyes EASY WEDNESDAY. This is 100% fantastic based on natural ingredients! Allantoin softens the upper layer of the epidermis, speeds up the regeneration process and refreshes. Jasmine extract intensively moisturizes the skin, increases its firmness and elasticity, charging with youth energy


Hydrogel eye patches after playing sports – Active Thursday

Hydration / Anti stress
Go to the gym! Rounded and expressive should be forms, not bags under the eyes! Agree? Then hydrogel eye patches ACTIVE THURSDAY for you. With them your skin around the eyes becomes toned, smooth and radiant. Blueberry extract gives freshness, fights against dark circles and age spots, while Panthenol relieves puffiness, soothes and moisturizes the skin


Hydrogel eye patches before the party – Blazing Friday

Fight dark circles / Moisturize
Looking tired after a 5 day work week? This is not about you! About you – stunning beauty at a Friday party! After all you choose hydrogel patches for the eyes BLAZING FRIDAY. These are not patches but 100% fantasy based on natural ingredients! Hyaluronic acid has a deep regenerative effect, it charges with vital energy, tones, removes traces of fatigue. Strawberry extract gives the skin a healthy and rested appearance, whitens it and makes it soft


Hydrogel eye patches before a date – Romantic Saturday

Recovery / Complex care
Saturday is a time for romantic dates and shooting eyes! And dark circles and bags under the eyes are illegal! Hydrogel patches for eyes ROMANTIC SATURDAY will help to set 100% sharpness of the look and appearance. They contain a tandem of natural components: Tangerine extract tones and moisturizing, fights against dark circles around the eyes, Vitamin B3 softens the skin, nourishes it and promotes regeneration


Hydrogel eye patches for complete relaxation – Perfect Sunday

Moisturizing / Edema control
To find your “Zen” and look simply amazing will help the hydrogel eye patches CORRECT SUNDAY. They contain a powerful beauty cocktail of natural ingredients: Laminaria extract has immunostimulating and regenerating properties fights against edema and dark circles, Lotus extract moisturizes and helps to maintain youthful skin




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Place patches around the eyes with a sharp tip to the bridge of the nose. Take them off after 20-30 minutes


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