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Forrest & Love Aroma Oil Refill – Pope

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Each Forrest & Love aroma cushion is filled with 7 exotic herbs and spices and 2 precious essential oils. It would be a shame and disrespect towards nature to throw away the cushions once they start losing their fragrance.
Thus our aroma oil refills that are filled with pure essential oils.

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How to use:
STEP 1: Simply take out the outer cushion fabric.
STEP 2: Allow the oil refill drops to fall on the inner cushion. You can either use entire bottle content or just a few drops, as per your aroma preference.
STEP 3: Knead the cushion gently to blend the oils with herbs and spices inside and leave it for 30 secs to dry.
STEP 4: put back the outer cushion cover and enjoy the cushion aromas as new.


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