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Forrest & Love Setr Aroma Cushion

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” For we truly believe that the nature’s pure fragrances have the powder to uplift us, calm and relax us, harmonise and balance our emotions, relieve physical symptoms of imbalances and improve many basic physical and psychological functions. It is this understanding that led us to create Forrest & Love Aroma Cushions.

With our cushions we are striving to share this vast knowledge of aromatherapy and its magical benefits that will help us in restoring balance of mind, body and spirit ”  Forrest & Love

Serene Tranquility Aroma Cushion

Our ancestors knew the secret that lies in lavender. When blended with Fennel seeds, Indian Ginseng and other soothing herbs, this gentle aroma vanishes your anxieties and provides you with a natural stress relief. Place the Setr cushion by your bedside while sleeping and let its calming scents relax your body and fight away restlessness, anxieties and worries.


Weight 0.03 kg



Fennel Seeds



Bay leaves

Clary Sage

Indian Ginseng

Lemon Basil

Indian Cedarwood


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