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Nam Make me High Mascara

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A vegan beauty mascara eyelash! The powerful curling MAKE ME HIGH MASCARA from NAM gives you a flirtatious look from behind a veil of deep black eyelashes, enriched with a natural eyelash conditioning and conditioning complex! A daily make-up routine has never been so valuable for your eyelashes! Known for its caring properties, larch extract, which enriches the velvety formula of our MAKE ME HIGH MASCARA, protects and cares for delicate eyelashes and the sensitive and delicate skin on the eyelash line. The conditioning castor oil, included in the mascara formula, visibly lengthens your eyelashes, prevents their excessive loss and gradually stimulates their thickening, while calendula extract has a protective, moisturising and antiseptic effect. The mascara is extremely comfortable to apply and the formula does not weigh down or stiffen your eyelashes excessively. Natural care in eye make-up is what NAM likes!


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